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We want to partner with companies that offer top-notch solutions,
a superb team, and resources to deliver.

Do you have an evidence-based hypothesis for product-market fit? Is your solution ready to be tested in the wild?
Ready to be scaled in a large company? Are you deeply committed to understanding real customer
pain points — and responding to them? If yes, let’s talk.

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Through a structured process, we offer you direct access to customer projects. After collecting sufficient customer data to support your solution’s value proposition and product-market fit, you will be able to propose a pilot to Turner and gain access to the many advantages of Turner Construction’s expertise and market access.

  • Access to #1 Builder in the United States,
    with 5% of the Construction Market.
  • Access to real customers and live projects.
  • Ability to confirm your product-market fit.
  • Support of a defined process and innovation support
    team to get things done.

Share your solution. Increase your impact.

Transform construction by partnering with Turner to solve
the industry’s biggest problems.


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