Every great
solution starts with
a great problem.

Helps us identify problems and build solutions
that transform the way we work.


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Our focus at Turner Labs:

Finding problems affecting construction and
connecting our team and partners with the
resources needed to build the right solutions.

We believe a fundamental shift from our current state can only occur
when the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction communities
fully invest in working together, engaging experts across all fields to
re-examine the rules and boundaries of what is possible.

Helps us create the future of construction today.

Building upon a culture of innovation

Turner Construction was founded on problem-solving and
innovative thinking. Improving our craft starts by pursuing tough
questions and surfacing the right problems to work on.

Are you a Turner Employee motivated to solve critical business problems facing Turner? Are you at a company with a
product or service designed to address acute pain points in construction and a dedicated team to scale its deployment?

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Together we’ll turn great problems
into transformative solutions.

Determine the future of construction by identifying opportunities to innovate at Turner.

Turner Employee External Partner